Dear Friends and Family,

This June I have the privilege to serve for one week in Cobán, Guatemala.

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📜 Dear Friends and Family

For the past seven months, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring Renato, a first-grader in Cobán, Guatemala. My Spanish still sucks, and my Zoom connection is similar. Despite the barriers, I’ve been blessed with a growing friendship with Renato. This friendship has helped me understand what Renato has been going through – recently as we’ve been praying together, he shared about the progressive healing of one of his loved ones. From overcoming shyness to praying together, God has been working in our relationship!

renato and i

I never expected to mentor someone like Renato online before the pandemic. And since the pandemic began, I never expected that I would have the opportunity to go on missions to Guatemala. God continues to challenge my own plans and comfort bubble, but WOW, what a ride this has been!

This June I have the privilege to serve for one week in Cobán, Guatemala, where our team will be ministering to kids from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds through Vacation Bible School. Even in preparing, there are challenges that await me – please keep me in prayer:

I am also asking for donations to support our team and myself: