Leaving for Guatemala

The time has come.

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🌎 Leaving for Guatemala

For the past three months, I’ve been preparing to go on missions – the time has come!

I cannot believe the day is here. I’m currently writing this on my flight to LAX. The last time I was on a plane was last March, coming home from Irvine due to the pandemic. It really does feel like a new normal.

💻 Prep in a Paragraph

The reason I’m flying to LAX is because I’ve been in Norcal for the entire duration of our preparation – once I land it will be the first time our entire team is together! Prep has looked like lots of zoom meetings, text messages, and Google Docs. This past couple of weeks our team has been able to meet together in person, which is awesome! Honestly though, it has been challenging for me since I continue to join remotely, with some of my team members I have yet to meet in person. These weeks have taught me to surrender my circumstances to God, to not complain nor worry, but to trust that God knows what He is doing!

📝 The Plan

Because I’ve never broken it down for y’all, here’s what we are doing. Also, in the weekdays we have morning prayer (we are each leading a devotional), as well as debriefs in the evening.

🚙 Now-Friday

Six hours flying, six hours driving, and then we’ll be in Cobán!

⛪ Saturday-Sunday

Dress rehearsal and attending Sunday service. Games team will check out what we are working with so we can improvise, adapt, overcome.

🥳 Monday-Wednesday

We’ll be kicking off our Vacation Bible School (VBS) on Monday! We are doing two sessions per day, one for La Gracia Church, and another for the AMI International School. The AMI International School VBS will be short, ending on Wednesday.

🤙🏽 Thursday-Friday

We will continue doing our Vacation Bible School for La Gracia. For the rest of the day we will be evangelising at a nearby village. I’ll be miles out of my comfort zone.

👋🏽 Saturday

Fly back!

🙏🏽 Prayer

at LAX

I’ll try to push out shorter, daily updates on this blog!

Peace, Nathaniel Louis Tisuela